Accelerating Innovation Time to Market

Accelevate Mission:
Realizing Full Value From Innovation Investments

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What We Do: Accelevate Services

We believe that corporations can harvest incredible value from innovation, but there is a gap in the innovation process. Innovation groups do a great job on ideation and innovation sourcing, but often drop the ball on execution of the ideas as a business or service. Corporate teams have technical or functional expertise, but lack venture and innovation ‘DNA’ and process. The result: corporations do not fully realize the value of their innovation investments. Accelevate works hand in hand with innovation teams to turn great ideas into viable businesses. We help innovation teams pick up the ball and run with it. Each service is designed to be agile and iterative. Most are completed in 1-2 months.

Business Model Workshop

An interactive team strategy session that identifies alignment issues, prioritized risks and scaling triggers. Deliverables: Draft Business Model Canvas, Key Risks, SWOT Analysis, Validation Plan

Business Model Validation Research

Research plans and hands-on training for Customer Development, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) testing, Voice of the Customer (VoC) research methodology. Deliverables: Validated Business Model and Plan

‘GOST’ Team Planning Process

Facilitated Team Workshop using proven GOST methodology (Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Tactics) that prioritizes activities, reveals dependencies and provides a milestone based management tool. Deliverables: GOST Plan; management dashboard, cascading to team tactics, monitoring system

Execution Mentoring and Workshops

Quarterly Business Model and GOST Operational plan reviews, hands-on projects as needed including Solution Validation, Segment and Buying Process Discovery, Agile Software Development Innovation Pprocess workshops and training.

Why Accelevate now?

Acceleration or New Market Opportunity

Acceleration or New Market Opportunity

Corporations call Accelevate when they need to quickly validate and commercialize or integrate an innovation, or to identify a new market or application for an innovation. Accelevate services help leverage corporate resources to accelerate and scale innovation.
Experienced Team

Experienced Team

The Accelevate team has ‘been there, done that’ in operational roles including CEO, CTO, VP Marketing, Support, Business Development and VP Sales. They have led their companies to 6 IPOs and multiple successful acquisitions, and have helped many multinational corporations with innovation process and execution.
Easy to Get Started

Easy to Get Started

With venture-friendly pricing, the Accelevate Service model is designed for fast results and builds a trusted team relationship with innovation teams and executives. The initial Business Model Workshop service can be completed in 1 month. Business validation is a team effort working with the innovation group, and can be completed in 1-2 months.